[English] “Where does water come from?” playing cards

How would humans, plants and animals survive without water?

In order to live and survive, human needs a lot of water: water for drinking, cooking as well as the process of producing…

However, is the source of water surrounding us unlimited? Does water we consume everyday truly clean? What should individuals and communities do to save and protect the source of water?

The questions will be explained in detail and vividly to children and adults in the flashcard set “Where does water come from?”. We hope that the flashcard game will help you to understand comprehensively that clean water on Earth is a limited resource.

Hopèully the brief and vivid scientific information in this document will be useful for children, schools, and communicaties in Vietnam; and we also look forward to receiving your constructive feedbacks so that this document can be improved!

Download: “Where does water come from?” playing card

Download: “Where does water come from?” playing card user guide

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